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Yonka Elixir Vital - 1.01 oz.
Formerly Serum Vital Revitalizing Concentrate.

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Yonka Skin Care Products Information

YonKa is a pioneer of aromatherapy and phytotherapy that was founded in France in the 1950's by the Muhlethaler family. YonKa means the river with purifying rapid water and also the energy particle, the ion. YonKa is the concept of eternity in each individual in the Egypt of the pharaohs. Together these ideas unite and become the symbol of constant regeneration, restored harmony and the reunion of body and mind. This modest family business started with fervor for botany and has matured into a worldwide skincare company, as well as one of the most respected names in the industry. Today, YonKa's parent company manufactures a total herbaceutical range of face, body, and sun care products with pre-dosed essential oils and botanical extracts.

YonKa skin care products are prepared using the finest, purest ingredients. 70% of YonKa products contain more than 90% natural ingredients and every YonKa product is based on one of four botanical therapies - Aromatherapy (treating with scent), Phytotherapy (herbal medicine), Marine Therapy (marine plant extracts), or Fruit Acid Therapy (natural fruit acids to promote cell turnover).

YonKa uses over 130 plants from around the world in their skincare products. All face, body and sun products use "Quintessence", a proprietary blend of 5 essential oils from the Mediterranean region that is the heart of the entire skincare range. These 5 ingredients are designed to work synergistically to achieve the best possible results.

YonKa adopts a holistic approach and has values that include transparency & authenticity, quality & safety, proven effectiveness, and the art of the beauty ritual. Aromatic YonKa combines nature and science to powerfully invigorate the skin and form an optimal environment of fragrance, harmony and luxury.

YonKa's 75,000 square foot, pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing facility along with their in-house Research & Development, Quality and Applications department makes them a stand above other skincare manufacturers. The department is made up of a team of vastly skilled chemical engineers, pharmacists, aestheticians, and biologists that work together to constantly refine and enhance all YonKa products.