Yonka Vitality Kit

Yonka Vitality Kit

Skin Type: Normal to Oily.

Yonka Vitality Kit Description:
Three steps to balanced, vibrant skin. The Yonka Vitality Kit includes a trio of products for cleansing, purifying, toning and protecting skin from harmful environmental stressors, to restore and maintain younger-looking, luminous skin.

Yonka Vitality Kit Contains:
  • Yonka Gel Nettoyant (2.5 oz.) - Yonka Gel Nettoyant is a soft, foamy two-in-one cleansing gel and eye makeup remover. Designed for all skin types, the silky smooth foam gently washes away daily buildup and impurities and removes all traces of makeup. Skin is left feeling refreshed, soft, comfortable and supple.

  • Yonka Lotion PNG (1.7 oz.) - Detoxify, re-balance, re-juvenate and re-energize your skin. Spray on Yonka Lotion PNG day an night and take toning to a new level. This beautifully scented, alcohol-free mist contains reparative waters that purify and comfort your skin while preparing it for application of additional treatments in your regimen. The entire body responds to the invigorating scent and effects of the vital oils.

  • Yonka Vital Defense (0.5 oz.) - With a special blend of moringa peptides and organic myrtle, YonKa Vital Defense Anti-Oxidant Anti-Pollution protects the skin from harmful environmental aggressors, including pollution, smoke and exposure to UV sun rays and weather changes. This ultra moisturizing, lush cream encourages softer, more supple, revitalized, truly luminous-looking skin.