PCA SKIN The Post-Procedure Solution Kit - Trial Sizes

PCA SKIN The Post-Procedure Solution Kit - Trial Sizes

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Skin Type: Dry/Post-Procedure.

PCA SKIN The Post-Procedure Solution Kit Description:
PCA Trial-Size Systems are a great way to get started with PCA SKIN Daily Care Products. There are a variety of Systems to choose from, depending on your skin type and condition. Trial-size products will last approximately three weeks - plenty of time for you to see visible improvement in your skin. The Systems also complement any PCA SKIN Professional treatment, and should be used for pre and post procedure care.

All Trial-Size Systems come packaged in a box and include a travel pouch and protocol card.

PCA SKIN The Post-Procedure Solution Kit Contains:
  • PCA SKIN pHaze 1 Facial Wash (1.0 oz.) - A refreshing gel cleanser that effectively removes environmental impurities and makeup while leaving the skin pH balanced and feeling supple.

  • PCA SKIN pHaze 11 Apres Peel Soothing Balm (0.25 oz.) - This light gel/cream moisturizer has 0.5% hydrocortisone to soothe, calm and rehydrate the skin. Ideal for use post peel, post microdermabrasion or to calm any reddened or irritated area. This product is designed to use on an "as needed" basis. Not to be used as a regular evening moisturizer.

  • PCA SKIN Perfecting Protection Broad Spectrum SPF 30(0.25 oz.) - This revolutionary broad-spectrum UVA/UVB product combines the superior protective benefits of Z-Cote and other potent sunscreen agents with five melanogenesis inhibitors. This unique blend of ingredients works to reduce existing skin discoloration while preventing future hyperpigmentation. In addition, potent antioxidants caffeine and silybum marianum extract, commonly referred to as milk thistle, work to fight damaging environmental free radicals, inflammation and the formation of sunburn cells. perfecting protection spf 30 is suitable for all skin types and is also recommended following peels, lasers, other in-office procedures for its skin-soothing properties and inhibition of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  • PCA SKIN pHaze 17 ReBalance (0.25 oz.) - Help improve irritated, reddened and traumatized skin with this light nighttime moisturizer. Also recommended to follow chemical peels, microdermabrasion and laser resurfacing procedures.

  • PCA SKIN pHaze 20 Silkcoat Balm (0.25 oz.) - The ultimate nighttime treatment specifically formulated with antioxidants, advanced botanicals and hydrolyzed silk for dry and/or mature skin and skin in harsh or cold climates.

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