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Payot Paris Skin Care Information

(continued from above) face, she created a beauty philosophy based on movement, facial "physical culture" (exercise), and critical skin care products.

In 1920, they moved to Paris and Nadia developed her first products in her kitchen. She then developed her first beauty recommendations and exercises. By 1925, Dr Payot opened her first beauty institute in Paris and later published "Physical Culture for the Face and Neck," which noted seven massage techniques and four exercises. Dr. Nadia Payot created product lines to address specific and individual skin care needs, including small blemishes, irritations, dehydration, devitalized skin and a dull complexion. With this approach, she used 'beauty guidelines' to indicate the recommended steps to be followed. Still today, Payot's products continue to meet specific skin care needs and are classified as product dedicated to targeted problems. It is important for a beauty therapist to diagnosis the condition for your skin to create the most effective product recommendations. Dr. Payot took applied beauty techniques and turned them into a related health field by devoting her medical knowledge to women's beauty. With her great medical training, she was able to keep up with scientific advances, predominantly in the area of cellular regeneration, which is critical for a youthful appearance, and incorporated them into cosmetology.

Payot's research center has a staff of roughly 60 people that continue to make ground-breaking products. Their research is still based on the two major pillars of efficacy and sensory pleasure. Extra attention is paid to the product's sensorial characteristics: soft colors, velvety textures and delightful fragrances to provide each woman with a moment of ecstasy when using it. On the subject of ingredients, Payot's main concern was their effect on the skin. She didn't limit her research to one type of plant or algae. She simply used whatever was useful in nature, such as minerals, calming essential oils and purifying essential oils. Herbs, plants and minerals are still the focal point of research at Payot Labs and that is where their products' ingredients originate. Her innovative medical approach focused on creating comfortable, safe and gentle formulas by selecting only the best ingredients and conducting tests to ensure their harmlessness. All formulas are dermatologically tested and the manufacturing phases are regularly controlled, however, no Payot products are tested on animals, and priority is given to paper products that come from sustainably managed forests.