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If you're looking for a purely professional skin care line, try GlyMed Plus. Founded by CEO Christine Heathman, Master Aesthetician, GlyMed Plus has been a leader in the skin care industry for more than 20 years and offers a repertoire of skin care products for all skin types. GlyMed Plus is known for achieving optimal results through its 4-Step Skin Protocol - Cleanse, Treat, Balance and Protect. Based on your skin's unique needs, GlyMed Plus offers products for each of their four more...
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GlyMed Plus Skin Care Information

(continued from above) steps. For instance, while all GlyMed Plus cleansers are gentle to the skin as they remove makeup, oil and skin debris, specific cleansers are geared to specific skin types, including normal, oily, dry, and aging.

Step 2 (Treat) products feature technologically advanced formulas that help skin retain or return to its youthful state. Your specific skin concerns may be addressed by one or more Treat products, including rich moisturizing creams, stimulating masks, rejuvenating serums and skin brighteners.

Balance (Step 3) is achieved by nourishing and protecting the skin. GlyMed Plus has a full-range of balancing products that integrate with your skin care regiment to achieve healthy skin. Balancing products include hydrating mists and hydrating creams.

Step 4 (Protect) is critical to maintaining your skin's health and includes such protecting products as sunscreens and moisturizers.

GlyMed Plus also offers a line of water-based mineral makeup for healthy skin. The benefits of the makeup's lightweight formula are many, including SPF to shield skin from damaging UV rays and smooth easy-on application. Plus GlyMed Plus makeup contains a variety of ingredients that are good for your skin and provide antioxidant-rich nutrients.

The GlyMed Plus Institute of Skin Science was developed to provide training for aestheticians through hands-on classes in skin analysis and treatment. The Institute's mission is to connect certified GlyMed Plus skin care professionals with consumers who need help in maintaining healthy skin.