Eminence Organics Lime Stimulating Treatment Masque - 2 oz.

Eminence Organics Lime Stimulating Treatment Masque - 2 oz.

Skin Type: Dehydrated/Fatigued/Oily/Acne.

Eminence Organics Lime Stimulating Treatment Masque Description:
Active ingredients supply Vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidant agents. These and other ingredients promote stimulation and oxygenation of the skin.

Eminence Organics Lime Stimulating Treatment Masque Features & Benefits:
  • Deep active stimulant for cellular renewal.
  • Detoxifies the skin.
  • Assists in increasing oxygenation in the skin.
  • Clears blemished or acne skin.
  • Reduces fatigue in the skin.
  • Increases the absorption rate for other products.
How To Use Eminence Organics Lime Stimulating Treatment Masque:
This application will result in a tingling, hot sensation due to the active and heightened circulation. This is not an allergic reaction! The hot sensation will remain active for 5-10 minutes while the resulting color can last up to 1-2 hours. Treatment application is recommended as a first step of the facial. (Client must be warned that the highly tingling sensation and redness can last up to 20-30 minutes).

Apply a thin layer of the treatment to skin, avoiding the eye area. Massage into the skin (no longer than 5-10 minutes) or leave on. Remove with a damp face cloth. Lime Stimulating Treatment can be combined with the Rosehip & Maize Masque (1:1) and applied as a special treatment. NOTE: not for use with either extremely sensitive or medical condition skins. Heated skin and a slight redness are natural reactions to Special Treatment products.

Warning: A preliminary patch test is advised before a general application is made: cleanse skin behind the ear, apply the product and leave undisturbed for 10 minutes. If no unnatural reaction occurs, apply the product as directed. Note that heated skin and temporary redness are natural reactions to special treatment products.

Eminence Organics Lime Stimulating Treatment Masque Ingredients:
Lime, Stinging Nettle, Paprika Extract, Algae, Cinnamon OIl, Bioflavonoids, Chlorophyl, BiocomplexTM,, (Vitamin A, Esther C, Vitamin E, Coenyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid) Thermal Spring Water, Natural Moisturizing Factor, Lemon Oil, Balm Mint Oil, Xantham Gum, Glycine Derivative, Glycerine.

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5 starJune 1, 2011
Rosemary, Austin, TX
Wonderful product that increases the circulation to the skin. I am susceptible to broken capillaries and this product helps to strengthen the capillaries in the face. My face feels tight and smooth following treatment. Beware, your face will look red following the treatment so I recommend applying the masque at night. Highly recommend Eminence products. There hasn't been one that I didn't like yet!