Eminence Organics Firm Skin Acai Cleanser - 8.4 oz

Eminence Organics Firm Skin Acai Cleanser - 8.4 oz

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Skin Type: All.

Eminence Organics Firm Skin Acai Cleanser cleans and improves dull, lackluster skin for a smooth and vibrant skin tone.

Features & Benefits:
  • Eliminates impurities on the surface of the skin.
  • Helps increase elasticity and soothes skin.
  • Imparts antioxidants to defend against free radical damage.
  • Softens and calms skin.
  • Perfectly cleans and normalizes skin.
  • How To Use:
    Combine (dilute) a little bit (pea size) with water in your hands. Apply and massage into skin using your fingertips and circular movements, covering your face and neck for 1-3 minutes. Thoroughly eliminate cleanser using a damp face cloth and finish your routine by applying a toner.

    Acai Berry Juice, Blueberry Juice, Raspberry Juice, Hyaluronic Acid (Derived from Marshmallow Plant), Seabuckthorn Oil, Biocomplex (Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Ester, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q10, Alpha Lipoic Acid).

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