Eminence Biodynamic Collection
going beyond organic

With the introduction of the Biodynamic Collection, Eminence has yet again demonstrated its forward-thinking and commitment to healthy skin care and a healthy environment. The nine certified-organic products that comprise the Biodynamic Collection are made according to the teachings of the biodynamic philosophy of farming. Stemming from a balanced, holistic perspective of the universe, this process surpasses customary organic methods, producing the most potent crops known to farming: fruits and herbs that extraordinarily high in nutrients and active compounds.

These very ingredients are handpicked and affectionately hand-mixed into the Eminence Biodynamic Skin Care treatments that promise to soothe even the most sensitive and delicates skin types and replenish those that display signs of aging or hormonal imbalance.

Abiding by the most stringent international certification standards while cultivating the soil to preserve it for future generations, the Eminence Biodynamic Collection boasts the finest ingredients available. The products have a minimum of 95% organic and contain up to 88% biodynamic ingredients. All have been clinically-tested to be hypoallergenic and appropriate for every skin type.

Discover the collection that was developed with mother earth in mind and uses wind power energy, recyclable packaging, FSC-certified paper and farming methods to balance with the harmonies of nature. Protect your skin and body by using products that are free of harsh chemicals including phalates, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, mineral oils and paraffin. Pamper your skin with preparations that are rich in abundant biodynamic ingredients that promote health, awaken beauty and renew your energy. Discover the Eminence Biodynamic Collection at Ariva Skin Care & Day Spa.

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