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Dr. Temt Anti-Aging Skin Care Information

(continued from above) Dr. Dieter Temt himself continues to supervise quality control of existing products and development of new formulas.

The Dr. Temt brand features an array of collections and products designed to treat any skin type, from sensitive to oily and everywhere in between. Each line includes the necessary products for a start-to-finish, complete home regimen that cares for the specific needs of the skin whether it be lacking moisture, producing excess oil, showing the telltale signs aging or a combination of issues. Dr. Temt's assortment of products are specifically formulated to help restore skin's natural balance.

The extremely popular Advanced Anti-Aging Line targets the visible signs of maturing skin, including fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, dullness and unevenness. These products are packed with high concentrations of antioxidants, collagen boosters, coenzyme Q10, tripeptides and proteins to combat the natural aging process. The Dr. Temt Advanced Anti-Aging formulas leave the skin looking firmer, smoother, healthier and with a renewed vitality.

Resolution Line treatments provide care and support for rosacea-like (inflammation/redness) and couperose (broken/dilated capillaries) skin types, an increasingly common issue. These Dr. Temt products reduce redness, calm and soften the skin while helping to prevent additional irritation.

Another perpetual favorite, the Dr. Temt Sericin grouping combines two product lines into one. The Hydro Line products within this category focus on care for dry, mature and sensitive skin types, while the Sensitive category is ideal for both sensitive and normal skin types.

Regardless of skin type or concern, Dr. Temt Laboratories offers viable solutions to treat the condition and bring skin back into proper balance. The current collection represents the effort of more than 4 decades of research and development of products demonstrated to provide visible results. Dr. Temt Laboratories continues to pioneer new concepts and advance its existing formulas, making it a leader in the skin care industry and a favorite among consumers.