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Biodroga Puran Formula Acno-Lift 24 Hour Care - 1.7 oz.
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Biodroga Anti-Aging Soft Focus Makeup  -  1.01 oz.
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Biodroga Skin Care Products Information

(continued from above) BCG Baden-Baden Cosmetics Group AG. Today, all BIODROGA care products are researched, developed and created at their own laboratories and production sites in Baden-Baden. Doing so allows BIODROGA to guarantee consistent exceptional quality to be maintained in over 50 countries where their products are purchased all over the world.

At BIODROGA, quality is their principal concern. Their scientists and dermatologists accept an enormous responsibility to develop products that meet BIODROGA's expectations and to give you absolute faith knowing their products are made with extreme care and quality. They carefully inspect raw materials, perform stability tests, effectiveness tests, dermatological controls, in-vitro tests, and short- and long-term studies. Only natural substances such as oils and plant extracts are combined with biotech ingredients. This relationship is the livelihood of all BIODROGA products.

The focus of facial care is on the Biological Beauty Care Systems. These targeted product lines are specifially created for each individual skin need. They are fixed in a broad range of additional care products for everything from cleansing to makeup.

Soothing the soul, caring for the body, and doing something good for yourself is the root of BIODROGA's mission. New energy for the body inspires both the spirit and the soul. The holistic BIODROGA care and wellness collections are perfectly matched to attain this sense of harmony. What also adds to BIODROGA's mass appeal is the combination of utmost quality and ultimate relaxation.