Barex Italiana
About the brand
Barex Italiana is a family-run, world-renowned company that began in 1967, and since it's inception, Barex has exclusively focused its attention on the professional hair-care product sector. Barex Italiana's home is situated in Bologna (Italy), a major focal point of Made-in-Italy products and home of Cosmoprof. Barex Italiana has always been a forward-looking enterprise that distributes the Made-in-Italy tradition for hair beauty and health throughout the world. Their Research and more...

Barex Italiana Information

(continued from above) Development investment has tripled in recent years. Barex Italiana works to encourage the Italian way of beauty and wellbeing, whose roots come from ancient Roman culture and long before.

Since its establishment, Barex has been investing in capability, research and technology, profiting in each of these sectors to develop a unique array of products. Over time, Barex Italiana's mission has always remained steady: beauty through well-being: philosophy, science, aesthetic. Even after 40 years of innovation and manufacturing in hair-care products, the company continues to grow strong.

Barex Italiana's vision involves intense research into the structures of life and nature. With history, innovation and contemporary technology, the central goal of Barex Italiana laboratories is always the development of products that allow customers to be innovative and unique with their hair. Their product development begins first by researching elite ingredients and specially selecting raw materials from all over the world. Then, they create formulas based on the performance and strength of each ingredient. Barex checks the quality of new formulas in the lab and is always enhancing them to improve on the standards. Next, experienced hairdressers test products compatibility and customer satisfaction, and only then are new products released to the market.

Barex Italiana broad range of customers includes hairdressers, show business personalities, beauty farms and hair-artists, each and every one seeking high-quality treatments. Barex Italiana focuses on hair wellbeing and beauty. Because of this, all the lines have a range of products from coloring to styling products to specific-action shampoos. Barex caters to even the most demanding and environmentally conscious customer due to the use of carefully chosen active ingredients that come from unpolluted lands.