Baby Quasar MD Blue

Baby Quasar MD Blue

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Skin Type: Acne

Baby Quasar MD Blue Description:
You can eliminate problem skin and restore your skin's natural glow with the Quasar MD Blue. Prevent and reduce blemishes due to common acne. When you bathe your skin with the high spectral purity of the Quasar's violet-blue light, you kill the acne bacteria which cause breakouts. Quasar's MD treats mild to moderate acne and is proven to kill acne-causing bacteria anywhere on the body. Quasar's powerful blue light attacks the bacteria by releasing singlets of oxygen, thus causing the acne bacteria to self-destruct. Unlike topical products, the blue light penetrates into the pores where the bacteria do the most damage. With the Quasar Blue MD, you can get rid of harsh, drying acne products and expensive medications which actually can do more harm than good.
NOTE: The Quasar MD Blue has a larger head than the Quasar Baby Blue so you can treat a larger area and cut down your overall treatment time.

Baby Quasar MD Blue Benefits:
  • Helps to prevent breakouts.
  • Reduces blemishes caused by acne bacteria.
  • Kills acne-causing bacteria.
  • Gentle, safe and painless.
  • 100% natural and dermatologist-recommended.
  • Personal customer support.
  • Lifetime, fix or replace warranty.
  • Personal customer support.

Baby Quasar MD Blue Features:
  • All medical grade aluminum construction.
  • Powerful, high output 415 nanometer LED light.
  • Only four minutes of light needed in areas of concern.
  • FDA cleared for home use.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Baby Quasar MD Blue Contains:
  • Quasar MD Blue
  • Travel/Storage Pouch
  • 110-240v Universal Power Adapter
  • Goggles
  • Lens Cap to Protect LEDs and allow use by different persons
  • Instruction manual
How To Use Baby Quasar MD Blue:
Treat as needed to prevent or diminish blemishes. Apply light gently to the skin; move the MD over the skin to distribute the light for about four minutes in each area of concern. For the best all-around skin care treatment, combine the Blue MD with the Quasar Red MD for both anti-aging and blemish control.

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