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AG Hair Cosmetics Information

Have more than your share of bad hair days? AG Hair products help make that a thing of the past. With its six easy-to-distinguish hair product categories, AG Hair products can take your tresses from frizzy to fabulous, from limp to luxurious, or from stale to stylish. Curl, Volume, Smooth, Therapy, Style, and Moisture and Shine. These labels make it easy to find just the right product for your hair's unique qualities.

Is your hair dry and dull? Try Moisture and Shine products. Unruly and curly? AG Hair Curl products are for you. Need to turn kinky and course hair into smooth and frizz-free? There are products specifically made for unruly hair. Shampoos, conditioners, pomades, styling gels and sprays, and pastes are all part of the AG Hair product line. Whether you hair is short or long, thick or thin, or just needs a little help now and then, AG Hair products will help give your hair the wow factor you dream about. AG Hair products are full of ingredients that are kind to hair, nourishing it and strengthening it.

Husband and wife team John and Lotte Davis, CEOs and co-founders of AG Hair, note that "Creating hair products is half chemistry and half alchemy. You have to be open to a bit of enchantment." That philosophy, along with the fact that John and Lotte still manufacture all of AG Hair products themselves, ensure that the products live up to their expectations. Their stringent standards include no parabens, no salt, and use of the finest ingredients available. No AG Hair products are test on animals and the company is included on PETA's cruelty-free list. Products are developed and formulated in house, tested on human hair mannequin heads, and then sent to professional stylists to test and critique. This process ensures a top-performing professional hair care product.