Juvena Specialists Delining Serum - 1.05 fl. oz.

Juvena Specialists Delining Serum - 1.05 fl. oz.

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Skin Type: Mature.

Juvena Specialists Delining Serum Description:
For skin showing undesired lines and wrinkles. Based on Juvena's exclusive SkinNova SC Technology*, this highly effective serum improves the quality of your face's skin. The deliner complex, biomimetic peptides, smoothing arginine and hyaspheres ensures that the skin is padded from within. The appearance of lines and wrinkles is instantly reduced, facial features appear smooth again. In combination with the Pattern-Stop Peptide, the delining serum relaxes the skin and breaks through the line and wrinkle pattern. For smoother, facial features, firmer and more even skin. Like newly created.

Juvena Specialists Delining Serum Features & Benefits:
  • Powerful anti-wrinkle serum.
  • Contains exclusive SkinNova SC Technology.
  • Includes deliner complex, biomimetic peptides, sleeking arginine and hyaspheres.
  • Plumps skin from the inside.
  • Instantly decreases the visibility of lines and wrinkles.
  • Contains soothing Pattern-Stop Peptide.
  • Creates a smooth, lifted, more even complexion.
How To Use Juvena Specialists Delining Serum:
Apply to skin each morning and evening after washing and then continue with your normal daily facial care routine. For best results, use in combination with Rejuvenate & Correct Delining products.

Juvena Specialists Delining Serum Active Ingredients:
SkinNova SC Technology*, Wrinkle Reducing Biomimetic Peptides, Deliner Complex, Smoothing Arginine, Filling Hyaspheres, Wrinkle Pattern-Stop Peptide.

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