GlyMed Plus Clarity for Problematic Skin Kit

GlyMed Plus Clarity for Problematic Skin Kit

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Skin Type: Acne, Oily - Prone to breakouts.

GlyMed Plus Clarity for Problematic Skin Kit Description:
GlyMed Plus Clarity for Problematic Skin Kit contains four products to deeply cleanse and detoxify problematic skin..

GlyMed Plus Clarity for Problematic Skin Kit Contains:
  • GlyMed Plus Serious Action Sal-X Purifying Cleanser (8.0 oz.)
    A cleanser which actually promotes clearer, younger-looking skin just by washing! A beta-hydroxy and green tea-enriched formula revives environmentally stressed skin while purifying ingredients penetrate into pores to purge impurities caused by acne, makeup or excess oil. Reduces pore size and smoothes skin.

  • GlyMed Plus Serious Action Masque (4.0 oz.)
    GlyMed Plus Serious Action Masque combines the proven dermatologic medication of salicylic acid along with the benefits of two primary aha's: glycolic and lactic acid. Serious Action Skin Masque is a kaolin, water-based clay masque incorporating the healing properties of ancient herbal remedies and Tea Tree for effective morphogenic relief of skin stressed from acne, congestion, or open and closed comedones.

  • GlyMed Plus Serious Action Skin Gel (4.0 oz.)
    With the proven acne medication salicylic acid and two alpha-hydroxy acids, this serious acne treatment peels and loosens impacted pores and helps eliminate blockage while reducing inflammation and preventing new activity. Water based and oil free for all skin types.

  • GlyMed Plus Cell Science / Cell Protection Serum (0.5 oz.)
    Combat and manage the aging process of your skin with the vitamin rich components in this soothing formulation. This lightweight product nourishes, protects, and hydrates your skin by drenching it with age-fighting micellized vitamins C, A, and E, and incorporates additional free radical fighting elements of grape seed extract, superoxide dismutase and phytic acid.

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