GlyMed Plus Healthy Skin Start And Maintenance Essentials Kit

GlyMed Plus Healthy Skin Start And Maintenance Essentials Kit

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Skin Type: All.

GlyMed Plus Healthy Skin Start And Maintenance Essentials Kit:
GlyMed's safe skin kit helps protect skin from damaging environmental factors and inflammatory Radical Oxygen Species (ROS), thus preserving its youth and vitality and warding off the signs of aging.

GlyMed Plus Healthy Skin Start And Maintenance Essentials Kit Contains:
  • GlyMed Mega Purifying Cleanser 1 oz. - An ultra-light hydrophilic and purifying formulation, High Purification Cleanser lifts away any make-up and daily accumulation of dirt and debris from the skin in seconds.

  • GlyMed Plus Facial Hydrator 1.25 oz. - Designed for overworked, overstressed and overexposed skin, botanical extracts combine with glycolic acid for a concentrated, water-based moisturizer that improves hydration, firmness and radiance. Yeast Beta Glucan supports the health of new skin cells, and protects them from destructive free radicals and inflammation. Safe for all skin color. Skin will begin to feel silky soft, moister and healthier with only one application!

  • GlyMed Plus Ultra Hydro Gel .5 oz. - A water-based gel with ten percent hyaluronic acid, the amazing, natural component of skin, capable of retaining up to one thousand times its weight in water. Topical application of hyaluronic acid (HA) promotes water binding in skin tissues and immediately smooths rough skin, creating greater suppleness and elasticity. HA also assists as a carrier to push nutrients and healing agents below the skin's surface. By designing a gel-matrix formula with a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid, GlyMed Plus has created a pure, basic, beneficial and therapeutic hydrator, without the unwanted ingredients often found in other HA products.

  • GlyMed Plus Photo-Age Environmental Protection Gel SPF 15 1 oz. - This ultra-light, skin friendly water based formulation absorbs immediately and provides the skin with maximum full spectrum SPF 15 protection from damaging photo-aging and cancer causing environmental factors.

  • GlyMed Plus Anti-Aging Exfoliant Masque, 1 oz. - A masque like no other. Feel the soothing, relaxing effects of the botanical extract fennel, while AHAs and microbeads loosen and remove coarse, rough skin, leaving softer, silkier texture in its place. An excellent preparation for other treatments, this natural blend promotes more even penetratoin of active products for better results.

  • GlyMed Plus Cell Science Superior C Renewal Cream .25 oz - GlyMed's concentrated formula is packed with Vitamin C to help accelerate collagen production and hasten cell regeneration. This cream also aids in repairing DNA damage caused by daily UV exposure.

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