GlyMed Plus Post-Procedural Skin Essentials Kit

GlyMed Plus Post-Procedural Skin Essentials Kit

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Skin Type: All/Post-Procedural.

GlyMed Plus Post-Procedural Skin Essentials Kit Description:
This skincare routine is designed to promote the recovery process by aiding in the healing of trauma related to laser and surgical procedures, and to encourage a healthy skin practices for long-term success. The selected products relieve and calm, reducing irritation and inflammation while supplying essential moisturization and vitamins & nutrients for the skin.

GlyMed Plus Post-Procedural Skin Essentials Kit Contains Trial-Size:
  • GlyMed Plus Cell Science/Mega-Purifying Cleanser - An ultra-light hydrophilic and purifying formulation, High Purification Cleanser lifts away any make-up and daily accumulation of dirt and debris from the skin in seconds.

  • GlyMed Plus Living Cell Clarifier - Lighten and remove discoloration from age spots, acne, sun exposure, trauma, hormones and the effects of laser treatments. This natural blend of bearberry and licorice extracts safely and naturally reduces melanin formation while glycoprotein growth factor and anti-oxidant vitamins assist the skin's own healing powers.

  • GlyMed Plus Cell Science/Ultra Hydro Gel - GlyMed Plus Ultra Hydro Gel promotes water binding in skin tissues and immediately smoothes rough skin.

  • GlyMed Plus Cell Science/Ultra-Hydrating Enzyme Masque - GlyMed Plus Cell Science Hydrating Masque is a luxurious, deep moisturizing experience that rehydrates and nourishes skin exposed to dry air, harsh outdoor conditions and sun.

  • GlyMed Plus Arnica+ Healing Cream - GlyMed Plus Arnica+ Healing Cream promotes faster healing from skin irritation, inflammation and bruising.

  • GlyMed Plus Photo-Age Protection Cream 30+ - An effective SPF 30+ protection cream that performs as an all day moisture barrier from damaging photo-aging environmental assaults. This revitalizing formulation helps insulate the skin from premature aging and provides the benefits of Green Tea Extract known to increase the level of SPF and provide dramatic effects against sunburn.

  • GlyMed Plus Pre and Post Vitamins - GlyMed Plus "Body Smart" nutriceuticals are manufactured to assist in providing an internal skin solution. Because skin begins from inside, Body Smart vitamins and protein powder work hand in hand with GlyMed Plus skin care, to provide a complete healthcare regime resulting in healthier skin. GlyMed Plus "Body Smart" Pre & Post Vitamins assist in healing the skin after any surgical procedure. Pre & Post vitamins will enhance the procedure through proper preparation and through treatment and nutrition after. Pre & Post vitamins cleanse the system with Milk Thistle and incorporates glucosamine sulfate to increase blood flow and nourishment to the cells, promoting growth and repair.

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