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100% Pure offers skincare, cosmetics, hair care, and body products for people of all ages and skin types to not only enjoy, but also benefit from. The products are truly 100% Pure. The cosmetics and skincare products do not contain any synthetic chemicals, chemical preservatives, parabens, sulfates or harsh detergents, artificial fragrances or colors or phthalates, making them safe for those with gluten allergies and even for kids to use. Almost 2/3 of the skin care products that we use and apply actually soak into the skin and bloodstream. We should be just as cautious about what we apply to our skin as what we eat. Many toxic chemicals found in cosmetics have been proven to cause cancer, tumors, irritation and many skin disorders. Because all of the ingredients 100% Pure uses are in their organic state and not refined, consumers can take advantage of the natural benefits of the nutrients and minerals used. Even in their cosmetics, only 100% pure fruit pigments are used. These pigments make strawberries red, blueberry skin blue - fruit pigments are fruit colors. All 100% Pure cosmetics are colored from fruit and vegetable pigments only.

100% Pure also does not add any synthetic chemicals to enhance the scent of their products. They smell delectable because everything used in them is real 100% real fruits, pure essential oils, and pure absolutes. Only completely concentrated ingredients that are optimally effective are used and are never diluted with water, alcohol, thickeners, emulsifiers or any other cheap fillers.

With every breath we take, little by little, we are deteriorating. Free radicals and environmental aggressors such as the sun, smog, smoke and cigarettes assault us and cause premature aging, wrinkles and even cancer. One of the few things that protect us and fight off the damaging, aging effects of free radicals is antioxidants. Sun blocks can defend our skin against 80% of UV rays, but they can't protect us from free radicals. For this, you need antioxidants. With 100% Pure fruit pigmented cosmetics, you will be applying all of the healthy fruit antioxidants and fruit vitamins directly onto your skin. Your skin actually benefits from using every one of their products. Other antioxidants found in their products include Red Wine Resveratrol and Acai Berry that help maintain youthful, healthy complexions without oxidative stresses.